Darrow raises $35M in Series B Funding Round
Astrix closes $25M Series A round
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F2 News | April 2024

F2 Team

May 7, 2024

Message from the Team

Three decades ago the Israeli Innovation Authority initiated the Yozma Program that set the foundation for 'Startup Nation'. This month, the IIA announced Yozma 2.0 to to stimulate local institutional investment into the tech ecosystem of at least $700M in its first year. This stimulus package provides another tailwind for Israeli R&D that has proven its resilience and leadership across a wide range of industries, most recently in unrivaled air defense technology. Read more

Sector Spotlight

A significant transformation is expected in the manufacturing industry, with over 80% of facilities projected to utilize AI and humanoid robots over the next decade. This change will yield substantial improvements in plant management and product design processes. The next generation of AI-powered robots will be able to perform tasks such as item categorization and sorting. Furthermore, future versions are expected to mimic human characteristics like memory, sight, sound and touch, a considerable advancement from today's assembly-focused robots. While these developments may risk manufacturing jobs due to automation, they also herald the creation of new tech-centric roles, suggesting an upcoming shift in workforce dynamics within the industry. Read more

Operator Session: Kady Srinivasan
Portfolio Companies

Justt launches European headquarters in London to meet surging UK and EMEA demand for chargeback mitigation. Read more
Darrow Co-Founder and CTO Gila Hayat ranked in Inc Magazine’s Female Founders 250. Read more
Parametrix launches world’s first cloud outage catastrophe bond in partnership with Hannover Re. Read more
F2 closes additional pre-seed investment in cyber platform leveraging AI to map digital assets and personnel to business flows to understand and reduce enterprise attack surfaces.

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