Darrow raises $35M in Series B Funding Round
Astrix closes $25M Series A round
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F2 News | February 2024

F2 Team

March 6, 2024

Message From The Team

"Now is the best time to invest in Israel”, according to Hamilton Lane CEO Juan Delgado-Moreira. Hamilton Lane advises on the management of $900 billion worldwide and in an interview yesterday, Delgado-Moreira explained that “the only real essential market for venture capital, apart from the USA, is in Israel.” Indeed, at F2 we moved full steam ahead in February, investing in multiple companies and expanding our Operator Advisor network to include leaders from Atlassian, Klaviyo and Zapier.

Sector Spotlight

Every year MIT ranks the technology advancements that matter most right now. In this year’s Technology Review, MIT profiles AI for Everything, Apple Vision Pro, gene editing platforms and exascale computers, among other promising technologies poised to have a real impact on the world. These technologies have the power to transform industries and establish new markets at a rate of adoption unseen before. Read more

Portfolio Companies

- Oriient secures new funding to scale indoor location service platform for retailers.
- Parametrix wins InsurTech of the Year at the Cyber Insurance Awards 2024. Read more
- Darrow launches PlantiffLink, AI-powered plaintiff-finding service for law firms. Read more

What We Are Reading

Hamilton Lane Co-CEO says "Now is the best time to invest in Israel" | Calcalist
OpenAI Unveils AI that Instantly Generates Eye-Popping Videos | The New York Times
Google Launches Gemini Ultra, Its Most Powerful LLM Yet | TechCrunch
Neuralink's First Human Patient Able to Control Mouse Through Thinking | Reuters
Nvidia Sales Reach New Heights as Company Forecasts Bigger AI Boom | WSJ
Jeff Bezos and Nvidia Join OpenAI and Microsoft in Backing a Humanoid Robot Unicorn Valued at $2 Billion | Fortune
The 9-Month-Old AI Startup Challenging Sillicon Valley’s Giants | The Wall Street Journal

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