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F2 News | November 2023

F2 Team

November 6, 2023

Message From The Team

As a country, we are still processing the shock and grief of October 7th while moving forward with unity and determination. We are heartened by the growing list of companies and leaders that have stepped forward to condemn the attacks and express solidarity with Israel like Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft as well as continued investment and M&A activity. This month we are spotlighting Nvidia and the central role the team in Israel plays to their strategy and results. Read More

Case Study

NVIDIA's commitment to support Israel dates back to its $6.9 billion acquisition of Mellanox in 2020, a transformative move that solidified Nvidia’s position as a powerhouse in the data center and high-performance computing sectors. The acquisition provided advanced networking technology for optimizing data transfer in AI and HPC workloads.In Q2 2023, NVIDIA reported a 90% increase in revenue; Nvidia Founder and CEO Jensen Huang attributed much of this success to the Israel based company, referring to the Mellanox acquisition as one of the best of all time. In a recent speech to Nvidia employees, Huang elaborates on the deal and how the company is supporting more than 3,000 team members in Israel amidst the war. Watch Now

Jensen’s speech is especially poignant in light of the fact that Mellanox co-founder and CEO, Eyal Waldman, lost his youngest daughter in the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7th. In 2018, Waldman established a Mellanox development center in Gaza, and as part of the Nvidia acquisition, he personally ensured that 140 Palestinians, previously employed by Mellanox, could continue working for Nvidia going forward. Watch Now

Portfolio Companies

- Regulus | [F2 I] Closes another month of record sales growth for counter drone systems in Israel and the US. Read More

- Zero Networks | [F2 I, Select Fund] Closes another quarter of record sales growth for micro-segmentation cyber platform. Read More

- Faye | [F2 II] Closes another record quarter ofsales growth for travel insurance. Read More

- Astrix | [F2 II, Select Fund]Chosen as cloud security solution finalist in the CISO Choice Awards. Read More

Regulus Cyber co-founders Yoav Zangvil (left) and Yonatan Zur (right).

Industry Spotlight

Many have been dismayed by the outpouring of support for Hamas among young people the world over. It turns out that Iran, Russia, and China have actually been leading coordinated campaigns to spread online propaganda and disinformation on social media platforms like TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram following the October 7th terrorist attack.

In fact, Cyabra, a social media intelligence company based in Tel Aviv, discovered over 40,000 bots and fake accounts since October 7th. Within 24 hours of the attack, approximately 25% of the accounts discussing it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X were found to be fake. Furthermore, more than 33% of the accounts discussing the Al-Ahli Arab hospital bombing in Gaza on X (which was confirmed by western media as a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket) were also fake. This shared content is emotionally charged, politically biased and largely false. That said, these coordinated campaigns by Iran, Russia and China are proving as impactful as any on-the-ground tactic and will no doubt be a focal point for analysis and innovation afterwards. Read More

Share of Americans who think Hamas attacks can be justified, by age. Harvard Harris Poll, October 2023

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