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F2 News | Stand with Israel

F2 Team

October 17, 2023

Message From Our Team: Standing With Israel

The terrorist attack of 10/7 was devastating and unprecedented and our nation is currently facing one of the most difficult moments in its history. 

Israel is a small country and many of us are personally connected to those who have lost their dearest loved ones. We send our deepest condolences to the families who have tragically lost their loved ones and our hearts go out to all those wounded as we wish them a speedy recovery. We also fervently hope and pray for the swift and safe return of all Israelis, including children, women and and elderly, held in Gaza.

In these hard times, we are grateful for the outpouring of support, and find strength in Israel's resilience, demonstrated over 75 years of challenging history. 

we are inspired by our founders, their recent achievements and the steps they have taken to quickly adapt and ensure business continuity. It’s in times like these that the strength and resiliency of Startup Nation shines as an example to the world. 

All Hands On Deck: Tech Leaders Stepping In For Humanitarian Relief 

Within days of the attacks, Israeli tech leaders and companies mobilized to procure vital equipment, locate missing individuals and offer expertise in areas such as AI and cyber security. Tens of thousands of volunteers are now working in grassroots organizations to support the victims and their communities, filling gaps left by large NGOs and state institutions.

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies, like Microsoft and Google are also stepping in to provide financial support and digital services to first responders. It’s an all hands on deck situation and the country is more united than it has been in a very long time. The engine is working and it is very, very strong. Read More

Volunteers packaging emergency supplies in central Tel Aviv, Oct 2023. (Source: The Times of Israel)

Portfolio Updates:

- Regulus Dramatically scales up production and sales of counterdrone defense systems.

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- Voom Announces the acquisition of droneinsurance.com on its path to mobility insurance category leadership. Read More

- Justt Announces major strategic partnership with Forter to reach thousands of new customers. Read More

- Astrix Identifies significant security flaw in Microsoft 365 related to 3rd party application connections. Read More

- Darrow Announces $35M Series B round to scale AI powered litigation asset platform.

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Darrow founders Gila Hayat & Evyatar Ben-Artzi (Source: Darrow)

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