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What’s New at F2 | October 21

Yaffa Abadi

October 2, 2021

VOOM Raises $15 Million to Provide Insurance to More Mobility Vehicles

Mobility Insurance company, VOOM, announces their round of $15 million as they expand their innovative pay-per-mile insurance from drones to motorcycles, light aircrafts, rideshares and delivery drivers.

“VOOM, as an ‘insurtech 2.0’ pioneer, is fundamentally changing the risk model itself. Our expertise is in areas of mobility where the risk is high but the usage is irregular or seasonal. We apply advanced analytics to provide dynamically-priced usage-based insurance products that our customers love,” states their co-founder and CEO Tomer Kashi.

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The VOOM Team. Photo: Noa Bar Noy

AVO Expands to Houston in the National Rollout Across the US

Delivery platform, Avo, has expanded their operations to Houston, marking their third US city as they continue to grow in activity and popularity. The vertically integrated residential and office delivery platform is changing the game for deliveries and enabling same day delivery to any employee or tenant without shipping fees.

“Our belief is that people shouldn’t be surprised by last-minute fees at checkout. If you’ve ever had the experience of building a $15 cart with a delivery service, only to reach the checkout page and find that the amount has doubled due to fees, you can relate. At Avo, you can order as little as a single avocado, and that’s all you’ll pay for,” shared Dekel Valtzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Avo.

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Avo team members

Superwise Partners with New Relic to Scale Observability

Superwise partners with leading observability platform, New Relic, to empower data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning practitioners to automate model monitoring at high scale and gain insights at the most granular levels so they can pinpoint issues and drive actions to maximize business outcomes.

Model observability is all about context and this partnership will provide data teams with far superior observability, visibility, and analyses of models.

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Explorium Announces External Data Platform Launch on the SAP App Store

Explorium’s external data platform is now available on the SAP store, empowering businesses to gain access to relevant external datasets like ratings, reviews, points of interest and more.

“With the Explorium platform, customers can increase revenue, streamline operations, reduce risk and automate external data integration into their modeling pipeline,” said Omer Har, Co-founder, and Chief Technology Officer of Explorium. “We’re constantly growing our universe of quality, relevant external data, and expanding our platform to serve as a single access point for all enterprise-level business intelligence and machine learning needs.”

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AcroCharge Comes out of Stealth with a Rebrand and New Name- Justt

Hello Justt, goodbye AcroCharge!

As Justt co-founder and CEO writes, “we changed the name to better reflect what my co-founder Roenen Ben-Ami and I went into business together to do: take the outdated and often unfair credit card payment dispute process and make it fair, easy and simple for merchants. Chargebacks have always been stacked against merchants — and we are here to change that.”

With a new name, this company that has scaled to over 110 employees over 11 months is entering its latest and most exciting stage.

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