Astrix Raises $25M in Series A Funding Round
Astrix Raises $25M in Series A Funding Round
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What’s New at F2 | February

Yaffa Abadi

February 28, 2022

It has been a heavy week, and it’s been hard to think of much else other than what’s going on right now in Ukraine.

Much like the pandemic from which we are still recovering, this global crisis has once again shown how easy it is to take what we consider ‘normal’ for granted, as well as re-emphasizing just how connected we all are to one another.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the valiant people of Ukraine. Following is a piece listing some organizations that are currently looking for donations to help Ukrainians during the crises: How to help Ukrainians.

Astrix Security Emerges from Stealth With a $15M Seed Round

Cybersecurity startup, Astrix Security, has emerged from stealth with $15 million in funding. Founded by CEO Alon Jackson and CTO Idan Gour, Astrix was created to help organizations monitor and control the complex web of third-party apps connected to their critical systems.

“There are plenty of solutions out there to secure user access management, but none that help organizations secure app-integration access to their critical platforms,” said Alon Jackson, “As security experts, we understand how hard it is for organizations to maintain crucial security controls in highly complex and dynamic environments… We built Astrix to equip security leaders with a platform to help them transform from connectivity gatekeepers to growth partners.”

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Zero Networks Announces a $20.3M Series A Funding Round

Cybersecurity company Zero Networks has raised a $20.3 million Series A funding round which they plan to use to focus on three core goals: increased investment in R&D, expanding our product offering, and reaching a wider audience to help bring an end to today’s massive ransomware industry.

“Solutions today fail to protect enterprises from lateral movement and ransomware because they are expensive and cumbersome to deploy. Our MFA-based approach simplifies one of the hardest problems in cybersecurity regardless of company size,” said Benny Lakunishok, Founder and CEO of Zero Networks.

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Justt Launches Optimus, Harnessing Payment Data to Fight Chargeback Fraud

Chargeback mitigation pioneer, Justt, has announced the launch of Optimus, a powerful new chargeback intelligence solution. By giving both merchants and payment service providers (PSPs) full visibility into credit card payment dispute data, with one-stop insights into performance across all processors, Optimus enables smarter, data-driven decision-making that helps merchants to drive up net earnings by multiple percentage points.

“The chargeback system is fundamentally opaque and unfair, and at Justt we believe there’s a better way. That’s why we built Optimus: to give merchants a clear understanding of exactly how chargebacks are impacting their business, and whether their mitigation strategies are delivering the results they need,” says Justt CEO Ofir Tahor.

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Five Sigma Partners with Medlogix to Deliver Seamless Medical Claims Management

Five Sigma, the emerging leader in cloud-native Claims Management Solution, announced the launch of native integration with Medlogix, LLC, a national leader in U.S. medical claims management solutions. This innovation connecting the two platforms will help insurers to improve decision making, maximize efficiencies, increase ROI and enhance outcomes in medical claims management.

“Five Sigma is on a mission to simplify the claims journey. Our flexible SaaS solution and open APIs allow us to quickly add new partners and integrations to our claims management ecosystem,” stated Oded Barak, Co-founder, and CEO of Five Sigma. “We are proud to partner with Medlogix to provide our customers a more comprehensive, accurate, and efficient claims process.”

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Five Sigma Founders: Dror Sholomon, Michael Krikheli, Oded Barak

Parametrix Insurance Appoints Rick Wong as Head of Insurance

Parametrix Insurance, provider of cloud downtime insurance, announced that they have appointed Hiscox veteran Rick Wong as head of insurance. Wong will lead the Parametrix team focusing on broker relations and the development of the broker channel, a critical channel accounting for more than 70% of commercial insurance sold in the United States.

“Parametrix is delighted to welcome Rick Wong as our head of insurance where he will lead broker channel development and manage our broker relationships, which today include more than half of the top 20 brokers globally,” said Yonatan Hatzor, Parametrix co-founder and CEO.

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Parametrix founders: Yonatan Hatzor, Tamir Carmel, Neta Rozy & Ori Cohen

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