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What’s New at F2 | Feb 21

Yaffa Abadi

March 2, 2021

Datomize Announces $6m Seed Funding Round

Synthetic data solution, Datomize, announced the completion of their $6 million funding round with participation from us at F2. The funds will be used for the commercialization of their solution that accelerates time to market for artificial intelligence and machine learning models. CEO Avi Weiss stated,

“Datomize makes the generation and management of synthetic data simpler, more effective, and efficient, so that highly trained and hard to find data scientists can focus on analysis and strategy.”

Read more about this funding round here

Datomize Team

VOOM Launches World’s First Per-mile Motorcycle Insurance

Gone are the days when people are happy to pay insurance for products they rarely use. As the insurtech industry develops, people are looking for more suitable and flexible coverage- that’s where VOOM insurance comes in with the first-of-its-kind per-mile motorcycle insurance. Pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance is a flexible coverage type in which you only pay for insurance coverage for the miles you actually ride on your motorcycle. This kind of insurance policy is perfect for motorcycle riders who travel short distances or ride only on occasion.

This product has already rolled out in Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and Illinois, and will continue to expand.

Read more about this innovative insurance plan here

Oriient Signs Major Commercial Agreements for Rollout of Indoor Locations

Oriient, our portfolio company bringing the GPS revolution indoors with a scalable and accessible solution for buildings, was selected for a major commercial agreement in the U.S.

Though details are still under wraps, this will display yet another way their hyper accurate indoor location awareness is changing the game.

Co-founders Mickey Balter and Amiram Frish

F2 One of the Most Active Seed Funds of 2020

A survey conducted by Ground Up Ventures gathered information from over 30 seed-focused to learn more about seed funding in Israel. In addition to the highly informative insights, such as VCs laying out 145 Seed and Pre-Seed investments in 2020, F2 was singled out as one of the most active Seed funds in Israel alongside NFX and Pitango.

Read more about the pre-seed survey here

F2 Team

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