Darrow raises $35M in Series B Funding Round
Astrix closes $25M Series A round
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What's New at F2 | April Edition

Jodi Joffe

Welcome Adi Treger

This month we welcomed Adi Treger as our new Associate on the team. Adi joins us from Microsoft, where she served as a specialist on generative AI integration into the MS Office suite. She is very excited to bring her experience and passion to working with founders, especially in the generative AI space.

Meet Adi

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Regulus Puts a Ring on Rogue UAS

Regulus Cyber introduced its Ring C-UAS, a “soft kill spoofing device… which transmits fake GNSS signals in a very sophisticated manner,” as described by Regulus CEO and Co-Founder Yonatan Zur. The system requires very low levels of Wi-Fi, but packs a tremendous punch. The system was developed by Zur and others who served in the Israeli Defense Forces, providing it with the edge of being built for battle in the most effective ways. The system has been sold to a variety of countries in small quantities, but Zur hopes that 2023 will be the year that Regulus scales towards larger military defense projects.

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Faye featured as top specialty insurance provider by the Wall Street Journal

Faye was recently named as the top specialty insurance provider by the Wall Street Journal, featuring on the newspaper’s list of Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2023. With specialty add ons ranging from Pet Insurance to Extreme Sport coverage and everything in between, Faye’s basic coverage plan can be supplemented with a variety of options to keep travelers truly covered, regardless of where they are or what they’re looking to do.

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Darrow recognized as one of the most impressive generative AI startups by Business Insider

Darrow, a generative AI software which provides legal aid to lawyers and their clients looking to fight the inherent injustices found in the justice system, was recognized as one of the most impressive generative AI startups by Business Insider. The startup, which helps consumers find and formulate their legal cases, uses technology which can scan through hundreds of thousands of resources, and will then subsequently organize them in order to provide lawyers with the information necessary to build out their legal defense. Their software operates much faster and more efficiently than any human, and there’s no doubt that Darrow earned their spot on the list.

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Astrix takes Home Three Coveted Global InfoSec Awards by Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM)

Astrix was awarded three Global Infosec Awards - Most Innovative Cybersecurity Startup of the Year, Market Leader SaaS/Cloud Security, and Cutting Edge Third-Party Cyber Risk. The startup, which works to secure non-human entities which connect enterprises with third-party app vendors, continuously monitors behaviors in real time in order to completely protect the enterprise from potential threats. These awards, which according to Astrix CEO and co-founder are “a true privilege,” mark the growing importance of third-party app security and the continuous efforts to mitigate cyber-attacks worldwide. Astrix was also recognized as a top 10 finalist in the RSA Conference 2023  Innovation Sandbox competition, which names promising cybersecurity startups in the industry.

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