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What's New at F2 | February Edition

Jodi Joffe

March 1, 2023

closes a record number of new customers as incidents of fraud sweep the eCommerce market.

According to Juniper Research, it’s expected that e-commerce merchants will lose up to $48 billion in fraud in 2023. A large portion of that will come from what’s known as “friendly fraud,” where a customer will make a purchase, and then initiate a chargeback claim with their credit card company. This creates a costly and time-consuming issue for the retailer, who then has to dispute the claim. Enter Justt. Their revolutionary new technology handles chargebacks using proprietary machine learning, strong methodological know-how, and advanced personalization to continuously protect retailers throughout the process.  The company has become increasingly popular amongst retailers who see firsthand the benefits of employing an AI chargeback mitigation solution, and has recently closed a record number of new customers.

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Justt Founders Roenen Ben-Ami & Ofir Tahor (Source: F2)
Dataloop extends its ML training platform to gaming with the launch of Audio Studio to protect female players from harassment.

Dataloop AI has recently introduced its breakthrough technology, Audio Studio, which has the capacity to monitor online exchanges and filter out any potentially inappropriate or unsafe dialogue. This is especially relevant in the gaming world, where users are able to communicate via audio while playing. The technology works by “translating” the audio into data, which the AI software can then understand and process. The technology is capable of distinguishing the different voices in the audio, and “speaks'' multiple languages. If a phrase or word is flagged as potentially harmful, the technology filters it out automatically. This new solution can protect all gamers, but is even more meaningful to female gamers, who constantly face verbal gender bias and sexism while playing.

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(Source: Unite AI)
Wild Moose comes out of stealth mode at Y Combinator with a new platform to streamline code debugging with generative AI.

Meet Wild Moose, an intuitive conversational AI experience which can solve production incidents in minutes. This technology was specially created to retrieve architecture information tailored for debugging production issues. Wild Moose’s special-purpose large language models (LLMs) can efficiently ingest the massive real-time contextual data about any incident, and any answers uncovered are then automatically validated for accuracy. Rather than delegate these tasks to live people, their AI solution works round the clock and at tremendous speed to search through logs, changes, and metrics, and creates easy to use code that is bound to solve the issue faster than an engineer. This not only increases productivity for solving the issues at hand, but it also allows software engineers to focus on building new products, and creates an accessible solution  against any recurring issues which promotes stability within your technology.

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(Source: Wild Moose)

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