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Astrix closes $25M Series A round
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What’s New at F2 | January Edition

Jodi Joffe

Blattner Tech Acquires Superwise to Expand its Predictive Transformation™ Capabilities

With AI tech on the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s exciting to share that Superwise, a solution which helps companies monitor, maintain, and improve machine learning models in production, has been acquired by Blattner Technologies. This acquisition rounds out Blattner Tech’s services, as Superwise provides companies with the ability to implement AI projects with minimal internal resources. 

Read more about the fruitful partnership here

Regulus Cyber Unveils its Ring R1 C-UAS System

Regulus Cyber has developed a cutting edge technology, dubbed the Ring, which launched this month. The Ring works to counter Class 1 and Class 2 commercial or commercial derivatives unmanned aerial vehicles, and according to Regulus CEO and co-founder Yonatan Zur, is “fully operational, deployed on sea and land and protecting borders, and [we] can define it combat proven.” It is a timely development given the increase of drone attacks. When utilized with the Ring 1 software, this new system can work without human interference, allowing the teams using it to remain focused on their mission at hand. 

Learn more about the Ring’s techniques here

Astrix Security Makes CTech’s List of Israeli Cybersecurity Startups to Watch Out for in 2023

Astrix Security is making waves as the first access management solution for third-party app integrations, so it’s no surprise that they’re on CTech’s cyber startups to watch list!  As the modern IT environment evolves to include app-to-app connectivity, it also creates an environment which increases third-party attack surface rates. Astrix’s agentless, one click protective solution allows security teams to discern threats to their critical systems, allowing businesses to leverage web-integration without forfeiting company security. 

Check out the full list here. 

Credit: Astrix Security

Five Sigma Labs and Voom Insurance voted Winners in the Top Israeli Insurtech Contest

Five Sigma Labs and VOOM Insurance were both recognized by InsureTech Israel News, in the clams and mobility categories respectively, as top providers in the Top Israeli InsureTech Contest for 2023.  Five Sigma is a cloud-native claims management solution, built on AI and advanced data modeling that makes your claims processing simple and smart. VOOM aims to provide usage based insurance for the next generation of mobility using a fair pricing model. Both solutions have changed the way their insurance sectors operate, and it’s a well deserved honor that InsureTech Israel recognizes the importance of Five Sigma and VOOM in revolutionizing the insurance industry for the better.

Read more here.

Credit: InsureTech Israel News Magazine

Voom Is Expands to Three More USA States

VOOM Insurance has added Texas, Tennessee, and Missouri to the list of US states where their innovative insurance policy is available to motorcyclists. VOOM’s policy, which is a strong alternative for cyclists who ride less than 2,000 miles a year per bike, was found to be a key money saver for over 70% of surveyed riders. This is an exciting expansion, as these states are popular for motorcyclists, and extends VOOM’s reach to over 30% of US citizens who use motorcycles. 

Learn more here.

DataLoop AI and Darrow Ranked Among Most Diverse Israeli Companies  

Two of our portfolio companies, DataLoop AI and Darrow, were recognized by Power In Diversity Israel for the unique makeup of their respective companies. Power In Diversity works to promote the inclusion of usually underrepresented populations in Israel like women, Israeli Arabs, Ethiopians, and Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Both DataLoop and Darrow have worked hard to equalize opportunities in the ecosystem, and we’re proud that their efforts  in the diversification of the startup world in Israel are being recognized. 

Read the report here.

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