Justt comes out of stealth with $70M in funding
Justt comes out of stealth with $70M in funding
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thejunction is your
execution platform

We provide visionary founders and startups with the guidance, network and capital to achieve early market validation and scale.

We have launched over 200 companies with support that is tailor made to your needs and a community of 5,000 alumni to help on your journey.

How it Works

Meet our team
thejunction is a family of founders committed to meeting and supporting you with valuable advice and feedback
Validate your vision
We actively target customers and partners with you to accelerate your growth and validate your vision
Raise seed round
You will leave with the right focus and traction to raise a strong seed round and take your company to the next level
Pre-seed round
F2 leads your pre-seed round with founder friendly terms
Commercial pilots
Our network of corporate partners are eager to work with you
Seed round
F2 is ready to lead or join your seed round with great partners